Technology Plastics, Inc. (TPI) specializes in the molding of medium to large parts utilizing technology that can manufacture products from 100% recycled material or new materials. Additionally, TPI can assist customers with the production and fabrication of custom parts. Our involvement in your project can vary from consulting, design, tooling, or all the way to a completed item ready for sale or use.

Waste Industries Products

Our container liner kits are not a 'band-aid'. A rusted commercial dumpster with our liner installed will outlast a new steel bottom container.


The Extended Life Lid is a pioneering product that uses a cutting-edge plastic formulation for an exceptional design.


Our patented Quick-N-Easy paper towel holder installs in seconds with no holes in the wall. Perfect application for commercial and high traffic areas, including grocery stores, child care facility, gas stations, schools, and much more.
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Custom Products

TPI can manufacture products as small as a 6 oz drink coaster up to products as large as 50 pound ramps.



Technology Plastics, Inc. can manufacture your custom plastic products.



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